Fixing Outdated Plugin Templates

Template Updates and changes

We sometimes update default plugin templates when a new version of the plugin is released.

If however, you are using a theme with older plugin templates or an older version of the plugin, you may need to update templates yourself or contact the theme author for an update.

  • Most theme authors fix themes in a timely manner, so you only need to update your theme to get the updated templates.
  • You need to update templates yourself if you modified templates or are using a child theme.
Note: This is a Developer level doc provided as guidance. We are unable to dispense advice or review code.

How to update outdated templates

We need to determine what templates to update, make a backup of old templates and then restore any customizations.

  1. Go to: XT Plugins > System Status > System Status. Scroll to Template Overrides near the end of the page where there is a list of plugin templates overridden by your theme/child theme and a warning message that they need to be updated.
  2. Save a backup of the outdated template.
  3. Copy the default template from:
    Then paste it in your theme folder found at:
  4. Open the template you pasted into the theme folder with a text editor of choice, such as Atom, Visual Code, BBEdit, Notepad++, and replicate any changes that you had to the previous template in your new, updated template file.

We recognize that it can be time-consuming. This is why we try to avoid changing our plugins templates as much as possible.

Why don’t you make a button to click and update everything?

It’s impossible to make a one-click update. Why? Because there are thousands of themes, and every theme is coded differently. One size does not fit all.

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