Quick Introduction to Woo Floating Cart.

Using the Woo Floating Cart is simple and straight forward. Here is a quick guide to work with Woo Floating Cart.

  • 1.       After installing and activating the plugin. You’ll see a XT Plugins menu with a sub-menu options.

  • 2.       The sub-menu option Woo Floating Cart will open a page with various customization options.

  • 3.       The second sub-menu option Account will open a page with your plugin’s license information.

There are 3 more options in the menu that are common to all our plugin.

System Status: It tells vital information related to your website like Active XT plugins, information about active theme and other server information like PHP version, WooCommerce version, enabled PHP module etc.

Browse Plugins: It will let you know all the other plugins developed by XT Plugins Framework.

Get Support:  This option will lead you to the XplodedThemes.com for premium support.

Note: Screenshots are only for reference purposes. You may have different visuals on your site due to various factors (including plugin’s version). Some information on screenshots are also hidden to protect privacy.

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