This section contains settings like color, position and animation related to the cart.

Overlay Color: This setting will set an overlay color on a page when the floating cart is open.

Trigger / Cart Position: Trigger cart can be placed anywhere on the page. This setting can be used to set the floating cart position on-page.

Trigger / Cart X Offset: This setting is useful to adjust the trigger (floating cart button) X position on the screen.

Trigger / Cart Y Offset: This setting helps to adjust the trigger (floating cart button) Y position on the screen.

Modal Mode: This setting is disabled by default, but if enabled, it will open the floating cart as a standalone modal box at the centre of the screen

Animation Type: Animation type will only work if the Modal Mode is disabled. There are two options available in animation type, “Morph” and “Slide”. If “Morph” is selected, the floating cart will expand and display attached to the floating cart button. With the “Slide” option selected, the floating cart will open by sliding from the edge of the browser’s window.

Cart Auto Height: If this setting is enabled, it will auto set the floating cart height according to the available content. It is better disabled, as disabling this will fix the height and add a scrollbar as required.

Cart Dimensions Unit: This setting helps to set the cart by pixels or percentage. Most of the time, the pixels units works just fine but in case it’s not much help, you can set it to percentage.

The rest of the three settings (Height, Width and Radius) are self-explanatory.

Please check the following video to see all settings in action

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