Cart Body

This section has only color settings for the card body. You can change the font color, background color, link and link hover color through this section.

Cart Body Bg Color: This setting let you change the body background color of the floating cart.

Cart Body Text Color: The text color on the floating cart’s body can be changed from this setting. This setting will work on product attributes and not on product names (as they are hyperlink and controlled by the setting that is mentioned below).

Cart Body Link Color: Color of all the hyperlinks in the floating cart body can be changed through this setting.

Cart Body Link Hover Color: When you move your mouse over a hyperlink, the color of the hyperlink gets changes. That is the link hover color. The floating cart link hover color can be changed through this setting field.

Cart Body Border Color: There are borders for separating the fields and products in the floating cart. These border color can be set through this setting. Setting the color the same as the background color of the body will make the border as disappear.

Check the video below, where you can see all the settings in action.

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