Cart Footer

This section controls the footer of the floating cart, where the checkout button and cart close button can be seen. There are very few settings in this section that can easily be understood.

Cart Checkout Button Bg Color: This setting control the checkout button background color in the floating cart footer.

Cart Checkout Button Bg Hover Color: When the checkout button is hovered by the mouse, the background color will be changed. This setting controls the hover color for the checkout button.

Cart Checkout Button Text Color: The text color of the checkout button can be customized through this setting.

Cart Checkout Button Text Hover Color: Same as the background hover color setting. This setting controls the text hover color of the Checkout Button.

Cart Checkout Action: The checkout button in the floating cart footer can be changed into the cart button. By default, the button will redirect you to the checkout, but this action can be changed into the cart through this setting. No matter if you have selected the checkout action as checkout or cart. All the above settings will still apply to the button in the footer, no matter if it's checkout or cart.

Check out the below video to see these settings in action.

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