Cart Coupons

The floating cart has a coupon form to apply a coupon. It has fewer settings.

Enable Coupon Form: This setting has to be set “Yes” to display the coupon form and enable other related settings.

Enable Coupon List: The floating cart can display coupons below the coupon input field. The next setting controls if all or some coupon has to display.

Coupon List Display: It can control if all or only available coupon has to be displayed on the floating cart.

Coupon List Total: Your site can have hundreds of coupons. But you can set how many coupons should be displayed in the coupon list.

Coupon Button Bg Color: The background colour of the coupon button can be changed through this color field.

Coupon Button Text Color: This setting is used for changing the color of text on the coupon button.

Coupon Button Text Color: The coupon text color in each coupon (below the coupon form) can be changed through this setting.

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