Suggested Products

The floating cart has an option to display suggested products (similar products) below the products list in the cart. Let’s go through each available setting in this section.

Enable Suggested Products: Not to be mention that this setting need to be enabled for displaying suggested products and all respected settings for it.

Enable Suggested Products on Mobile: Sometimes a crisp design is all that you need. To keep things nice and easy, let this setting be disabled and the suggested products will not be displayed on mobiles and smaller devices.

Suggested Products Query Type: There are different ways to display the suggested products. This setting let you set the suggested products by the different query. There are four options available: Cross-sells, Up-sells, Related and selection. The first three options work all on their own and the last option, “selection” will provide a text field where we can manually add the product ids by comma-separated. This “selection” option also works similar to “Related”, the only difference is that the products will be picked from the provided selection list of ids.

Suggested Products Position: The position of the suggested products in the floating cart can be rearranged, there are three options available for this purpose. Below Cart list, above cart totals, below cart totals.

Suggested Products Title: The suggested products title is set as “Products you might like” by default but this setting let you change the title.

Suggested Products Title Color: The product title color can be changed through this setting.

Suggested Products Count: As the name suggests, this setting will let you set the maximum number of suggested products to be displayed. But keep in mind that the count of suggested products also depends upon the type of query and result gathered by the query.

Suggested Products Display Type: By default, the suggested products are displayed in a slider but feel free to suit yourself. This setting will let you display the suggested products as a list too.

NOTE: Below settings will be only available if the suggested products display type is set as a slider.

Suggested Products Arrows Icon: There are different arrow styles available to be displayed for the slider. You can select any one of them. Although, these arrows are displaying in black color next two settings will let you change the color of these arrows.

Suggested Products Arrows Color: This setting let you change the color of the arrow.

Suggested Products Arrows Hover Color: This setting let you change the hover color of the arrow. 

Check the following video to see all the settings in action.

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