How to import demos

To get used to the theme and it’s features, it’s recommended that you import our live demo by using our Import Demos tool with the theme panel.

Note: the demo importer requires a PHP memory limit of 256MB

First, make sure to activate Visual Composer and Slider Revolution within the Appearance / Extensions menu.

Do you have existing content on your website or is it a fresh new wordpress installation ?

CASE 1 - If it's an empty website, you can go ahead and import all demo data settings which will flush everything and import all demo content exactly as our demo.

CASE 2 - if you do have existing content and do not want to loose them, you can simply import demo options only, with widgets and sliders (optional). Note that if widgets / sliders are selected, old widget settings and sliders will be lost.

In this case, only theme panel options will be imported excluding pages and posts. No worries, you can easily import our visual composer demo layouts individually.

Simply create a new page and click on the Visual Composer Add Template button and select a predefined theme layout. Your page will be populated automatically.

CASE 3 - You only need want to import our predefined visual composer pages individually without having to flush and import the whole demo.

Make sure to select the base demo that you want:

Simply create a new page and click on the Visual Composer ###strong

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