Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I can't see any floating cart Icon on my site.

A1. Make sure you have an item in the cart. The cart is not displayed when it's empty. It is also possible that you may have disabled it for certain pages. Kindly check the "Hide cart on these pages" setting in the "Visibility" section. If that's not the case, you can try increasing the Z-index value in the same section (Visibility).

Q2. Why some settings are not working or making any difference on changing?

A2. It is possible that your current theme or design is not supporting the specific CSS due to the design layout. Such settings are Y-offset, X-Offest etc. But most of the other settings must be working as they are design or layout independent. Kindly contact us via support to look into this further.

Q3. Should I be following the video/screenshot in the documentation?

A. No, you should not follow the video/screenshot in the documentation. All the videos and images in the documentation are only for reference/example purposes. They are only to guide you and make you understand the working of the settings sections and available options. All the videos and screenshot in the documentation is not recommended settings. You should change the settings according to your current website's design and color scheme.

Q4. Can I add the floating cart icon in my top navigation or footer?

A4. Yes, you can. Check the " Cart Menu Item" setting's section. It will let you add a menu icon in any of the available menu(s) on your website.

Q5. Can I customize the look and feel of the floating cart form?

A5. Yes, you can. Customizing the appearance of the floating cart form is a piece of cake. You only need to make tweaks in three different settings sections i.e: Cart Header, Cart Body, Cart Product and Cart Footer.

Q6. I want to hide the floating cart icon/button and want my own button on the page. Is it possible?

A6. Yes. You can customize the floating cart trigger icon, hide the trigger icon or can set any button or HTML element as a cart trigger. All you need to make some tweaks in the " Trigger Settings" section. You can also use the shortcode settings to add a cart on the page by using the "Cart Trigger Shortcode".

Q7. I see a flying animation in the demo. But I can't see that on my website. What should I do?

A7. You may need to enable the flying animation from the " General" setting's section. Set the "Force Ajax Initialization" option to "Yes" if enabling the flying animation alone does not work.

Q8. Is there anything else other than the cart item that I can add to the floating cart form?

A8. Yes, You can do up-sell by enabling " Suggested Products" from the section. You can also enable the coupon form on the cart form via the "Cart Coupons" setting's section. It is also possible to display the complete checkout form and other small elements on the floating cart form for easy checkout by enabling it from the "Cart Extras" setting's section.

Q9. The floating cart form has a different font family and style. How can I change them to match my current theme?

A9. All the typography of the floating cart form is controlled by the " typography" setting's section. You can make tweaks to suit your current theme.

Q10. I have enabled the coupon list display but some coupons are not showing in the coupon form on the floating cart form. Why is it so?

A10. You may have to check the " Coupon List Total". The number of coupons can not display more than the value set in this option. Moreover, a coupon will only be displayed if it can be applied to the current cart. You may not see a coupon if it is not applicable on the current cart.

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